Project inception

Inception Workshop: Kickstarting an Agile project

room: Ilsvika/Strinda (capacity 30 - combined) — time: Friday 13:45-14:30, Friday 13:00-13:45, Friday 15:00-15:45, Friday 15:45-16:30
Level: Practicing

Agile has shown that doing prolonged analysis upfront bears little to no value to the customer. However, doing none means the project lacks the direction that it needs. The question is, how much analysis is enough before the project starts?

Often times, the inception activities can set a project up for success or failure. In this 3-hour workshop, we aim to give an introduction of how an intensive, focused series of activities can kickstart a project. Led by a Business Analyst and a Developer, the participants will simulate a short inception that shapes a project from concept to delivery.

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