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How UX can save your agile project from failure

room: Munkholmen (capacity 35) — time: Tuesday 13:00-13:45, Tuesday 15:00-15:45, Tuesday 13:45-14:30, Tuesday 15:45-16:30
Level: Practicing

So you deliver perfect code with no technical debt, on time and budget using Agile methods. Yet you remain unconvinced, and the resulting system is no success with users. But why? You even had an interaction designer onboard and “great UX” was part of the requirements list.

Our experienced facilitators will use examples of project failures to show how agile can mess up the best attempts at creating great experiences. Together we’ll discover why that keeps happening and what needs to be done to fix it so that your project can deliver a great experience and real business value that matters.

Launchpad's quest for a better and agile user interface

room: Munkholmen (capacity 35) — time: Wednesday 15:30-17:00
Level: Practicing

This paper is about the process that the Launchpad team went through to improve the usability if a large application, while still having the ability to respond quickly to change and provide adequate support for quick iterations and delivery to users.

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