Continuous Improvement

Kick-starting flow-based (lean) software development

room: Trondheimsalen 2 (capacity 180) — time: Friday 11:15-12:00, Friday 10:30-11:15
Level: Practicing

Flow-based software development (FSD, aka “lean”, pull-based, or kanban) put focus on improving flow of work items (normally software features) through a software development work process. But what does it mean in practice? We show the nitty-gritty of how to set up a project to run flow-based instead of timebox-based, and when it makes sense to do so. We show a simple KPI model to better capture the state of a project using FSD, and how it can be used as a basis for conducting experiments aimed at process improvements.

Treating Impedimentia

room: Lade gård (capacity 20) — time: Tuesday 10:30-11:15, Tuesday 11:15-12:00
Level: Practicing

Ever get to the end of a daily stand-up and realize there weren’t any impediments…for the fifth day in a row? You and your team could be suffering from impedimentia: a consistent inability to see impediments.

Don’t despair! There is a cure! This tutorial will gently guide you and fellow impedimentia sufferers through exercises designed to restore your natural ability to see the impediments that are all around you. There are no creams, balms or pills required! Just the simple application of some easy to use techniques that help overcome incipient impediment blindness.

How do I measure up: the Agile Skills Project

room: Lade gård (capacity 20) — time: Tuesday 15:00-15:45, Tuesday 15:45-16:30
Level: Practicing

What do the masters of the craft and interested practitioners think we should be learning? What skills do they find most useful?

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